Varun Chayapathi

M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

“The study program provides excellent coverage of all aspects required for a modern-day automotive engineer."

We asked one of our recent graduates Varun Chayapathi, who is an Innovation Manager at Continental Automotive GmbH, what state in your mind about ...

Your recent job situation and your future career:

"I've taken up a job at Continental Automotive GmbH. The job offer and responsibilities are very good. The opportunities look promising and the work ahead looks challenging. I plan to strengthen my core understanding of the technical aspects of my field of work for the first few years, and look towards managing processes and projects later on."

Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University

"I've been fascinated by the automotive industry for as long as I can remember. So, when I decided to pursue a masters course in automotive engineering, I knew that there could be no better place than Germany for my studies. During my search for universities, I found that RWTH was one of the top universities in Europe and is especially renowned for automotive engineering. With credentials this strong, it wasn't a hard decision to make."

Your Study Programme Automotive Engineering

“The study program provides excellent coverage of all aspects required for a modern-day automotive engineer. Providing the freedom to choose elective courses from different institutes really helps students tailor their courses in the direction which they wish to pursue their careers in. Students can get an insight into the topics being researched upon at the institutes during the course of their thesis at the university. Overall, it is a wholesome approach to automotive engineering. However, the grading system is quite different compared to systems in other countries. The concept of testing the student's grasp of the subject by just one exam at the end of the semester is something that I personally did not like. Instead, a system that evaluates students regulary during the course of a semester (with tests and assignments) would probably give students a chance to learn the approach to the subject (eg. problem solving techniques, depth of theoretical detail etc) and hence perform better in the final examinations.”

Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office

The International Academy has been of great help and support whenever I needed it. My questions were always answered quickly and with concrete solutions to problems. I am very thankful for the support I received during my final few days when the time on my hands was tight.

And last but not least, what is your advice for prospective students

“The facilities and opportunities available at RWTH Aachen are immense. However, it is not going to be easy to get good grades or to find good topics for your thesis. The course demands strong focus, dedication and perseverance. Being passionate and motivated about your intentions can do you a world of good. Studying smart (and not just hard) is the key to unlocking exams. Taking up HiWi jobs can help you learn while you earn. Take german language classes seriously (even though the classes themselves are a lot of fun). If you intend to work and live in Germany, knowing the language will be your best aid. Apart from studying, Aachen is a wonderful place to live in. Being a student city, its always lively and energetic. Involve yourself in events and activities conducted by INTAC & INCAS whenever possible. They are great fun and wonderful experiences. All the very best!"