Somasundaram Alagappan

M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

"Institute-Industry relation and their researches makes this education system unique." 

We asked one of our recent graduates Somasundaram Alagappan, who works as an Acoustic engineer at Mueller BBM Active Sound Technology GmbH, what state in your mind about ...

... Your recent job situation and your future career

"Currently in the process of strengthening my basics related to the acoustics and exploring its application. In a long term, i am planning for the options to establish my learning's in India and wants be a part of its growth."

... Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University

"RWTH Aachen - Known for its mechanical and engineering and ranked in top among the European universities made me to land here."

… Your Study Programme Automotive Engineering

“Worth spending 3 years for my program. I am completely satisfied with my learning and my findings during my final thesis. Institute-Industry relation and their researches makes this education system unique. This uniqueness is lacking in the education system of India.”

… Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office

“Good and supportive in all aspects.”

… And last but not least, what is your advice for prospective students

Be specific on your needs and prioritize your interests before landing here.