Rizwan Ashraf


... Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University

"Choosing RWTH for pursuing an education in Production Engineering was quite an easy decision, thanks to its pristine reputation. During my work tenure at Siemens L.L.C in Dubai, I had already met graduates of RWTH Aachen University and how they had appreciated the ever growing collaboration between industry and RWTH. Going through the course outline and the opportunity to be coached by the best in class faculty members, hence choosing RWTH was a tranquil decision."

... Your study programme Production Systems Engineering

"One of the most striking features was the openness to criticism and discussion. The atmosphere promoted healthy discussions with the Professor and also to openly indulge in communication with my colleagues relevant to the topic. Another feature was to independently select the courses and creating the time table befitting personal time schedules."

… Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office

"I would like to additionally thank Master Office for their extensive throughout the study program. The INTAC staff had always made themselves available to help me and fellow students to overcome any hurdle and make Aachen feel like home. I am very thankful to them that before I could move to Aachen, they had already managed to offer me a room in a Students’ dormitory which is quite a blessing in a student crowded city like Aachen. Moreover, they organized several events which brought us students in contact with each other and also with the companies having a global and local footprint."

… And last but not least, what is  your advice to prospective students

"One most important advice – learn the language. It not only makes it easier to gel with the locals but also to explore the rich culture and experience the uniqueness of this country. For me it was one of the best decisions I made to come to Germany and I am sure you all will realize when you come here. All the best."