Rajath Shenoi


"The opportunity to work part time in the research institutes makes studying in RWTH Aachen even more fruitful for the Engineers."

We asked one of our recent graduates Rajath Shenoi, who works as a Simulation Engineer at EDAG GmbH & Co.KGaA in Munich, Germany, what state in your mind about ...

... Your recent job situation and your future career

"Had a job in hand even before I completion of my Degree. Currently working as Simulation Engineer (CAE-CRASH) providing technical support in the development of Automotive structures. In future I wish to be more involved in the complete developmental activities of light weight car structures."

... Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University

"Firstly, the structure of this course CAME really impressed me. Secondly, RWTH Aachen University is amongst the best in the world when it comes to Mechanical Engineering.  Studying the course what you always wanted to...in one of the best universities...it cannot get any better than this."

… Your Study Programme Computer Aided Conception and Production

The course is well structured. The basic technical competencies required for somebody to be a good Simulations Engineer could be achieved with this Master's Study program. It is not a lot different from the system in my home country, but the standard cannot be compared. The opportunity to work part time in the research institutes makes studying in RWTH Aachen even more fruitful for the Engineers.

… Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office

"Master office has always been with us all through the course duration and even after that as well. The best part is they take personal interest in doing so. The staff of Master Office is filled with humble, helpful, kind and lovely human beings. I have had lot of interactions with Mrs. Teppler and she had been extremely supportive to me and even motivated me a lot. My special thanks to Mrs. Teppler.

… And last but not least, what is your advice for prospective students

Be clear about your interests. If you decide to study in RWTH Aachen, you  need to be very clear about priorities. It will be hardwork all through, but the end result would be very fruitful. That shall be guaranteed. If you intend to learn and be a complete engineer, then RWTH Aachen is the place for you. Come here with high spirits and get trained to live the dream. Good luck!!