Project "InduNano" - light-weight construction in the automotive

Interview with Karolina Jaksik, M.Sc.

1.) You are currently doing your doctorate at the Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University.
In which project are you involved?

"I am working on two public funded projects and several small R&D projects. My main task is to lead the project “InduNano”.
We want to heat up polymers by induction, what is possible due to a modification with nano ferrite. These polymer fibers will be used in light-weight construction in the automotive."

2.) What is working at the ITA like? Please give us an insight into a typical day at work.

"The work at ITA is a mix between organising, working at the lab, supervising students work and developing personal soft skills."

3.) Working at ITA means working in an international environment. Is the personnel at ITA also culturally diverse?

"Yes, it is. Anyway, the mostly spoken language between colleagues is German. But everybody is absolutely capable of the English language."

4.) Textile Engineering is a very specific field of research. When and why did you decide to become an expert for technical textiles?

"I came here for a student’s job and learned how wide the field of Textile Engineering really is. That is when I decided to stay here."

5.) What did you study in your Bachelor’s and Master’s? How did you manage to get into your doctorate position?

"I studied Material Science. And although this isn’t my faculty, the work has very much to do with material science. Especially in the field I am working in, the modification with nanoparticles in man-made fibers.
I was working here for two years as a student and wrote my Master Thesis at the institute. Nevertheless, I had to apply for the job the same as everybody else."

6.) What are your future career goals?

"I want to achieve my doctor grade and work in the industry afterwards."

Thank you very much Karolina Jaksik and all the best for your PhD!