Prakash Ramanathan

M.Sc. Combustion Engines

"The excursions they organise are brilliant as it takes us to dream companies" 

We asked one of our recent graduates Prakash Ramanathan, what state in your mind about ...

Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University:

" RWTH Aachen University is the best University to study Mechanical Engineering courses in Germany. Also, Germany being a land of Automotives, where my interest was, I chose RWTH Aachen. The in depth course of Combustion Engines also attracted me to study here. "

Your Study Programme Combustion Engines:

“ The study program is very up to date and provides a great deal of knowledge about engines- from basic construction to combustion process, noise of various parts and after-treatment . It also helps you choose which specific part of engines you would like to pursue your career in (construction, after treatment etc.).
The main difference to courses in India is the examinations. More than just book knowledge, the concentration is on the application of this knowledge, so your concepts need to be really strong. ”

Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office:

“ INTAC supported me in every way possible. If there was a problem which I could not solve after my efforts, I could directly call INTAC and they would be ready with a solution in a day or two. An extremely open staff who consider you more as a friend rather than some colleagues. Also the excursions they organise are brilliant as it takes us to dream companies (BMW, VW, Porsche etc.) ”


Aachen, June 2013