Haonan Li


"RWTH Aachen University is of high degree of internationalization." 

We asked one of our recent graduates Haonan Li, who works as a research assistant at the Institute of General Mechanics (RWTH Aachen University), what state in your mind about ...

... Your recent job situation and your future career

"After finishing my study, I am currently looking for suitable jobs or promotion positions. I hope I could work for a German company in China where we can dedicate my expertise and experience to the business between Germany and China. Additionally, I wish I could be one of engineers who might bring the advancement of the technology."

... Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University

"RWTH is famous for its mechnical engineering around the world. In China, it is the most famous German university known by Chinese students and scholars."

… Your Study Programme Production Systems Engineering

“The advantage is that you can study whatever you want; the disadvantage is that you might lose your focus. The good thing here in Germany is the chance of internship and writing your thesis in the company, which could sometime provide us a great benefit when we look for jobs after graduation.

… Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office

Master Office has done a great job in helping international students. I can't image what would have happened if they had not helped me. I still remember that there was a lawsuit of the Bahncard happened to me because I did not understand German, when I was away from Germany. Master Office was very keen, and helped me solve the problem without too much trouble, which saved me from lots of efforts. And unlike some offices at RWTH, Master Office is always ready to help and care about their students.

… And last but not least, what is your advice for prospective students

Although RWTH Aachen University is of high degree of internationalization. One should try learning more German and German cultures, should not isolate themselves from the German society. The lectures and exams ahead of you could be frustrating and boring, but don't forget exciting projects and variable possibilities awaiting. Engineering is not just about how much knowledge you have acquired during your studies, but how you can apply them in solving problems. This programme is not just about teaching your knowledge and giving your a diplomat, what is more, it will teach you the way of thinking.