Elastic textile products from industrial waste

Interview with Pavan Kumar Manvi, M. Tech.

1. You are currently doing your doctorate at the Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University. In which project are you involved?

"I am currently doing my doctorate at the Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University. I am involved in the project related to production of elastic textile products from industrial waste. This project aims at the extraction of monomeric building blocks from industrial waste, which is converted to high value elastic polymer material. The elastic polymer is processed in the downstream processing line and subsequently textile products are developed".

2. What is working at the ITA like? Please give us an insight into a typical day at work.

"Our working day life contains following tasks:

  1. Working for my publicly funded project
  2. Working for my industry funded project
  3. Project report writing
  4. Preparation of new project proposals
  5. Networking with industry to integrate them into projects
  6. Supervision of student theses
  7. Experimental work for PhD
  8. PhD thesis writing"

3. Working at ITA means working in an international environment. Is the personnel at ITA also culturally diverse?

"Yes. The international students are cordially invited here for the scientific work. The international students get good opportunity to work in an industry oriented research atmosphere".

4. Textile Engineering is a very specific field of research. When and why did you decide to become an expert for technical textiles?

"During my Master studies, I decided to be a textile expert. The motivation came from professors at my home university during my master studies".

5. What did you study in your Bachelor’s and Master’s? How did you manage to get into your doctorate position?

"Bachelor in Textile Chemistry. Master in Fibre Science and Technology. I managed to get into doctorate position after my master thesis at ITA. Hard work and a well defined aim is the key to get success".

6. What are your future career goals?

"My future career goal is to achieve a leading position in research either in a research institute or in industry".


Thank you very much Pavan Kumar Manvi and all the best for your future career!