Dream2Lab2Fab – a German-Korea Cooperation Project

Interview with Dr. Hyunji Park from Korea

1.) You are currently working as a Post doctorand at the Institute for Textile Technology (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University.
In which project are you involved?

"I am involved in the Dream2Lab2Fab – a German-Korea Cooperation Project. The Dream2Lab2Fab will connect the excellent expertise of Korea in electronics with German production technologies. Strong partnerships in science and industry have continued to push the boundaries of innovation and improved future products, production technologies and business models, e.g. Smart Services for the recently arising market for Smart Textiles."

2.) What is working at the ITA like? Please give us an insight into a typical day at work.
"Currently I have two official jobs at ITA: As Korea representative and as a research scientist. As a Korea representative, I keep the cooperation works with Korea partners in daily check and organize workshops and seminars held periodically. As a researcher I’m especially focusing on the field of smart printing. "

3.) Working at ITA means working in an international environment. Is the personnel at ITA also culturally diverse?
"The ITA staff of more than 150 comes from 15 different countries including India, Korea, Turkey, Italy and Canada. This diverse cultural environment brings forward new ideas and innovations in technology."

4.) Textile Engineering is a very specific field of research. When and why did you decide to become an expert for technical textiles?
"Most people know textiles only as clothes. But textiles are more: Fibre-based materials are high-performance materials in almost every application. Thus, I would like to introduce to other people, what the textiles can do."

5.) What did you study in your Bachelor’s and Master’s and in which field did you do your doctorate? How did you manage to get into your doctorate and Postdoc position?
"I hold a Masters degree in science in physics and biotechnology and a PhD in biomaterial and polymer science. For a long time, I have dreamed to realize my ideas to products. Now I’m making my dreams come true as a PostDoc researcher at ITA."

6.) What are your future career goals?
" I want to habilitate in the near future."


Thank you very much Dr. Hyunji Park and all the best for your future career!