Carlos Alejandro Perez Lasso


"Do it. It enriched my life in all senses." 

We asked one of our recent graduates Carlos Alejandro Perez Lasso, who is recently working as a student assistant at the IAM institute of RWTH Aachen University, what state in your mind about ...

Your recent job situation and your future career:

"I am going back to my home country Colombia. I plan to work for an international company as a design engineer. I will apply my technical knowledge and slowly I would like to move to a managerial position. After some years of industry work I would like to study Project Management."

Your choice to study Master's at RWTH Aachen University:

"It's the best technical university in Germany."

Your Study Programme Computer Aided Conception and Production:

“Academically the study program is excellent. The system in Germany is very different to the system in Colombia. We have much more work during the semester as in workshops, homework, quizzes, projects, group work, 4 partial exams and a final one. The weighted sum of all the notes is the final grade of the subject.”

Your benefits of the International Academy’s Master Office:

“Excellent, the master office was always there to support.”

And last but not least, what is your advice for prospective students:

“Do it. It enriched my life in all senses.”


Aachen, May 2013