Student Support Initiatives

Opportunities to find support in your first days in Aachen are plenty - just make sure you do not miss them. Immerse into student life!

Supporting Programme organized by the Master Office of RWTH International Academy

Several social events and excursions take place throughout the year. These are announced to the student community by RWTH International Academy's mailing lists. More info about the next excursions and pictures and reports of the past excursions can be found additionally here

Senior Mentoring Programme - From Students for Students

Senior students of the master programs help to welcome the new arriving students by taking responsibility for a small group of fellow students of their study program. The senior mentor can help the freshmen to get to know the university, the course structure, the city and the student life and will just be present to answer all questions which may come up after arrival.

Senior Mentors Responsibilities

  • A senior mentor is an experienced International Academy student that has studied in Aachen for two semesters or longer.
  • He/she would like to share his/her knowledge about living and studying in Aachen.
  • They want to start off freshmen that experience their first weeks in Aachen.
  • They help answering questions: Which supermarket is the best? What courses are mandatory? Which bus goes to campus Melaten? Where is the library? How to get in contact with student unions? Which place is the best to have lunch at?
  • They will get in touch via email before arrival and attend at least one Academy event or organize an own meeting.
  • There are few responsibilities that a senior mentor really has. Still, most of the senior mentors take their job very serious and they do their best to welcome their fellow students to the city and the university.

Registration as a senior mentor:

  • All students are invited to take part in the programme in May/June by email
  • A kick-off meeting takes place and afterwards mentees and seniors will be assigned
  • After succesfull participation in the programme and handing in the questionnaire, a certificate will be awarded

What can a mentee expect from a senior mentor?

  • As mentioned above, most of the senior mentors strive to give high quality advices to the freshmen and help them to make their start up in Aachen easier. Mentees should after all keep in mind that each senior mentor is assigned not only one, but a group of mentees that he/she gives advices to. Furthermore, it is important to know that senior mentors offer help as a favour to the freshmen, because they exactly know what it feels like to be new in Aachen. Usually, senior mentors are very eager to share their knowledge with the mentees and try to help them, but they are not obliged to e.g. organize accommodation. What they may do is providing help for the mentees on how to search for private accommodation themselves.

Registration as a mentee:

  • Admitted students receive a registration form along with their admission documents

BeBuddy Programme of RWTH of RWTH Aachen university - Mix with German students

The International Office of RWTH Aachen University offers a “Buddy Programme”, an informal mentoring program that brings together German students and international freshmen. In order to support the adjustment process, an experienced RWTH student takes care of an international student by showing him or her the campus, the city and things to be done.

Buddies are socially engaged RWTH student volunteers from all faculties who would like to meet international students and support them in the process of settling into university life in Aachen and adjust to their new surroundings. Buddies support their mentees by offering informal advice on practical issues and by discussing with their mentees the specifics of their degree course. As experienced students, they act as informal mentors of the newly arrived international students, who are thus also called "mentees".

Registration for a Buddy

Please see the website: website

Often more international students assign, then there are buddies to match. However, part of the buddy programme are also open events, that can be joined without having an individual Buddy!

International Student Clubs

You can also get in contact with the student club of your homecountry. There are many student clubs from one specific country, e.g. AISA (Association of Indian Students in Aachen), ColAachen (Colombian Club) or others like AIESEC, an organization for international exchange and intercultural communication.

  • See a list of the student clubs at RWTH Aachen University here.

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