Is RWTH Aachen University the Right Choice For Me?

While deciding to go abroad for a study programme, not only the scientific programme has to be considered. Moreover you will have to adapt into a new culture, deal with a new language and a university system, which might be very different to what you know. Based on the feedback of our students, we summarize here some issues, that they found very different and challenging compared to their home countries.


Students have to deal with many authorities during their studies: examination board, examination office, faculties, programme organizers, International Academy, International Office, programme managers and so on. Many students feel a single information point was more convenient. However, due to the complexity of the university system and the number of thousands of students, this is not possible. Students will also face a very stringent system of opening hours, given deadlines and formalities.

German Language and Culture

Living in Germany is as unique as living anywhere else in the world. Of course there will be many cultural differences to be experienced by international students - beginning with the choices of food, the climate, the way the city is organized, and finally how people live here. Eventhough the programme is offered in English, students realize fast, that outside of the university's door German is the common language. To make Aachen your second home, learning and loving the language is obviously important.

Self-Responsibility of Students

As part of the German higher education system, students are challenged to develop a high degree of self-responsibility, self-motivation and self-organization. For most lectures no attendance duty exists and students are encouraged to plan the studies by themselves. Often students in Germany extend the regular study period, as they focus during their study time not only on their course work, but also on Hiwi jobs, social engagement and voluntary activities. It is part of the German employment culture, that employees not only look for the fastest student, but for those who gained diverse experiences during their study time and made the best of the freedom and opportunities that they had.

Teaching Staff

The scientific content of the M.Sc. programme is conducted by several institutes of the RWTH Aachen University'. For each course a professor holds the scientific responsibility, while the lectures are usually conducted not only by the professors themselves, but also by their chief-engineers, as well as by their research associates. The responsibility for education is usually a shared responsibility for chief-engineers as well as research associates, who have an official authorization to fulfil this task.

Teaching Units

The teaching of the MSc. programme takes places in various forms: lectures, exercises and practices. Lectures are usually taught via a presentation of the relevant teaching material. Some professors might also ask questions and seek for interaction with the students. In the corresponding exercises the teaching material will be applied by the students in a more interactive form, e.g. via calculation tasks. Practices are also a more applied form of teaching and can e.g. take place in labs.

University Campus

The faculty of mechanical engineering, faculty 4, is one of nine faculties of RWTH Aachen University. Around 50 different institutes belong to the faculty 4 which research in the field of mechanical engineering and also conduct the teaching for students of RWTH Aachen University. The institutes are located in buildings all over the city centre of RWTH Aachen and the Campus Melaten, in the north of Aachen. Further important buildings, such as the RWTH Aachen University main building and the study centre "Super C" are located in the city centre, too, while the International Academy and the faculty 4 can be found in Aachen's north. Thus in Aachen there is not such a thing as a "single campus", more one will find the university everywhere present in the city.

Is RWTH Aachen University the right choice for me?

If you have read all points listed untill you get to this question, we hope you are prepared to make your choice thoughtfully. After all, we are happy to welcome you, once you have considered all aspects of entering a new challenge in your life. We are convinced, that besides all challenges, this university offers the same amount of opportunities. With the right attitude, you can get the most out of your stay and be prepared for a beautiful time and prosperous career perspectives.

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