Programme Details

Students and Applicants can find detailed information about the M.Sc. CAME programme here. Please also refer to the PDFs in the donwload section to find full descriptions of the course modules and curricula.

Programme Structure

The M.Sc. CAME is organized in two areas of specialization: "Conception of Machines" and "Production of Machines". Students must decide on one specialization to pursue in their studies:

  • The option “Conception of Machines" , prepares students to develop and apply modern computer-aided methods focused on the construction and dimensioning of structures and systems according to functional requirements. The core compulsory courses for this area of specialization include the fundamentals of structural mechanics, computational analysis, and computer-aided design.
  • The option "Production of Machines", prepares students to develop and use computer-aided systems in modern industrial production, which includes manufacturing technology, production systems, and production management.

In addition, students of the Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering programme must complete the following coursework:

  • A complementary German course (to be completed with the DSM examination)
  • A nine-week industrial internship
  • A study-integrated mini thesis
  • A four-month master thesis.

Graduate Profile

Graduates of the M.Sc. Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering will be qualified to work in a multitude of professional areas in the industry, in research institutes or as engineering consultants: be it in traditional manufacturing companies, e.g. in the mobility and energy sector, in logistics and distribution firms, in construction or financial institutions, in food, health care or medical establishments - with their broad knowledge in manufacturing, automation, design, production, and management, CAE specialists are well equipped to perform interdisciplinary work and are ready to take leading positions in the industry.

In awarding the RWTH Aachen University Master's Degree, the programme gives its graduates a degree that is recognised world-wide and qualifies its graduates for further PhD studies.

Curricula and Module Handbooks

Please refer to the CAMPUS system of the RWTH Aachen University to find detailed descriptions of the modules of the study programme and a weekly schedule.

The curricula and module catalogues of both tracks are provided as PDF downloads below.

Please be aware that the curricula/modules are adapted regularly in order to ensure up-to-date content of the master's programme. The curricula are marked for the respective intake year of students. If there is no curriculum marked with your intake year, no chanegs have occured. Please refer to the latest curriculum in this case.

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