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Automotive and Mobility Studies

The automobile is as important today as ever – and with that comes new and more increasing demands: most notably those concerning alternative fuels and the impact of automobiles on the environment. With that in mind, the Automotive and Mobility Studies Summer School offers in-depth knowledge of modern automotive technologies, concepts of mobility, and their grid integration within traffic and city planning.

Automation and Simulation

In this summer school, students receive an introduction to cutting edge computer technology and methods used in mechanical engineering. The programme offers an overview of numerical methods used to solve engineering problems, as well as an introduction to calculation and simulation techniques in production.

Robotics for Future Industrial Applications

The main objective of this Summer School is to provide an inside view into the applications of intelligent, robust robots as part of future smart factories. The lectures comprise three segments and cover the central topics of communication between heterogeneous systems, adaptive industrial robotics, and autonomous mobile robotics for in-factory logistics.  

Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Product Innovation 

In this Summer School you will get in touch with the key engineering techniques of developing product innovations of mechatronic systems.  The courses offer an introduction into the fundamentals of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, robotics and information theory and coding. The practical course contains a case study where a mechatronic system will be construct and furthermore, improved step-wise. The challenge is to control the increasing complexity of the mechatronic system.

Systematic Product Innovation

Developing product innovations in a systematic way, is an essential process for every company and business. This Summer School provides insight into the complex processes of developing a production innovation and develby performing a case study. The developed product of your case study will be printed on a 3D printer for the final presentation.

Production Technology meets Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a synonym for the next revolution of production technology. In this Summer School you will be introduced to cutting-edge production technology and collect first-hand experience by working with demonstrators, which are used to investigate the next generation of production technologies, and you will work on a case study to develop a practical application example.

German Engineering, Language and Culture

This is an exclusive Summer School whereby participation is reserved for Japanese students from RWTH Aachen's partner Keio University.

Language Center‘s RWTH International Summer School

Please contact RWTH Aachen University's Language Centre, which offers this particular Summer School.

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