Internships & Student Jobs

Working on campus or doing an internship during the studies offers valuable insights for international students. Here we would like to give you some guidance and advice on how to search for a position and how to apply. It is also important to consider the legal framework and university rules.

Student Assistant/Science Assistant (Hiwi) Positions

Student assistants are employed for services in research and teaching and related administrative activities. The student assistant, or so called "Hiwi" is a student who works up to 19 hours per week at a university institute within the framework of an official work contract.

This calculator ("Hiwi-Komfort-Rechner") will help you to evaluate your monthly income and leave entitlement.

In case you have worked for at least 3 months with 10 hours a week (120 hours) as a science assistant (research assistant), this work experience can be included in your final transcript. You will have to submit this form together with your Master Thesis to the ZPA at the latest.

The institutes at RWTH Aachen University usually have their own section on their website where they provide information on vacancies regarding Mini Thesis (Studienarbeit), Master Thesis, and Hiwi (Studentische Hilfskraft) positions.

  • You can find an overview of all mechanical engineering institutes here

Further you may refer to these search engines:

  • RWTH Search engine for student assistant jobs here
  • Search Engine of the students association ASTA here

Internship Positions

If you want to gain work experience within the German industry, it is common amongst students to do an internship. There are different types of internships: voluntary internships that can be completed out of personal interest and compulsory internships which are a required part of many academic courses (please have a look at the section "Earning money-legal framework" below for information regarding the minimum wage).

You can find an explanation of the internship process, internship guidelines, the contact of the RWTH Internship Office and information about internship accreditation on the "Academics and Organization" page of your programme:

Information concerning internships is also provided by the chamber of commerce and industry (IHK). You find two PDFs with companies that offer explicitly internship positions for international students here

The following links will provide you with some job search engines:

Offers for Internships, HiWi jobs, Mini or Master Thesis

Please find below the latest job announcement. In case you would like to publish your job announcement here, please contact us!

Earning money - Legal framework

International students from non-EU countries can work a total of 120 full or 240 half days per year off-campus. This does not include work as a student assistant (Hiwi). The amount of time you work as a "Hiwi" does not count into this calculation. However, you will still need to inform the foreigners' authority. Students can generally earn EUR 8354 per year tax free, which means they can hold a mini-job and earn EUR 450 per month without paying any taxes. If you take up a job, you need to have an income tax card which can be obtained from the Residents' Office of the City of Aachen (Einwohnermeldeamt):

Although since 1 January 2015 there is a minimum wage in the amount of EUR 8.50 per hour for nearly all workers, this does not necessarily apply for interns (student assistants do have a fixed income that is higher than the minimum wage).

Excluded from the minimum wage:

  • Compulsory internships during your studies
  • Voluntary internships during your studies for up to 3 months

Entitled to minimum wage:

  • Internships after your studies
  • Voluntary internships during your studies that take longer than 3 months

Please find more information on the following websites:

Tips on German applications and CVs/ Application Training by RWTH International Academy and RWTH Career Service

When applying for a job in Germany, it is essential to know how to create a German style CV and application. The following links give you guidance on what should be considered.

The team of the International Academy conducts application workshops on a regular basis. Here we also provide you with our materials so that you can work on your documents individually anytime (please see download section at the bottom of the page). Please make sure to not copy any passages out of the examples! Your application should always be individually designed according to your professional background and the recipient.

The RWTH Aachen Career Service also offers career seminars. If you want to register for any of the upcoming career/application seminars offered by the RWTH Aachen Career Center in the winter term 2015/16, please have a look here. The registration starts on 7 October 2015, 12 p.m. Be quick!


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