Once you have passed your last exam and you have submitted your Master Thesis succesfully, you are only a few steps away from your prospective career path as RWTH (M.Sc.) Graduate. Here we summarize the last administrative and organizational steps for graduating students.

Academic Transcripts and Master Certificate

As soon as the ZPA receives students' last grade (usually the one of your Master Thesis), it will prepare the final transcript and degree certificate. Final academic transcripts must be signed by the responsible deans or heads of examination boards. This can take a bit of time. According to the examination regulations it may take up to three months before your transcript is ready.

The certificates will be sent by ZPA to RWTH International Academy and the staff informs students directly about the receipt of the certificate. Students can then either collect the certificate from the RWTH International Academy, or the certificate will be mailed to the requested address.

See also the website of ZPA for more information.

Next steps

Students should exmatriculate after receiving their certificate. There might be an option to remain enrolled until the semester ends, depending on the exact graduation date. Once students are exmatriculated, they need to take care of their visa extension and also of a change of their health insurance status.

Working after graduation

In case the graduate already has a job offer from a company, she/he can directly apply for a work permit at the Immigration Office (Ausländeramt Aachen).

Residence permit for job search

In order to search for a job in Germany, there is a possibility to apply for a residence permit after completion of studies. Such a residence permit for job seeking purposes is possible for a maximum period of 18 months. Please note that you cannot proceed further with your education, once you are in possession of a residence permit for purposes of job seeking.

PhD students

In case graduates continue their career in the university, even at the RWTH, they still need to exmatriculate from their master programme. They need to enroll themselves as PhD students separately. Further, you should apply for a student's residence permit and not a job seeker's residence permit. If within this time you are not yet in a doctorate programme, then in all probability you will be given a temporary residence permit until everything is sorted out.

Graduation Celebration

  • RWTH International Academy's Graduation Event: Every year in spring the graduation celebration of RWTH International Academy takes place at the guesthouse of RWTH Aachen University. The event will be announced well in advance via email to all students in their last semester.
  • Yearbook of your Master's Class: Students of the international master's programmes will be invited in their last semester to submit a their picture and a questionnaire for a common yearbook. This will be handed out in the RWTH International Academy's graduation event or upon request. Here you can take a look at the "Yearbook - Class of 2010".
  • Alumni Gallery: We would be glad to include your testimonial also in our Alumni Gallery. It is a nice way to keep your fellows of class updated and to share your experience with prospective students.
  • Graduation event of RWTH Aachen University: This event takes place for students of all disciplines and all degrees. See the website here.


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