German Courses

Learning German is a great opportunity to become part of the University’s academic community and to later take advantage of career opportunities in Germany. As an integral part of all our programmes, it is a requirement for students to demonstrate knowledge of German.

Course Structure

  • CAME & PSE Language Programme
    The standard German language programme for international master students takes two semesters (A1 – B1 level). Normally, students attend the German courses (A1 level) in the intensive phase in September and complete the program in the subsequent summer with a B1-level by passing the German Language Exam for Master Students (DSM). Students with previous knowledge must do a placement test and can start the intensive phase with A2 or B1 according to their results. The DSM examination includes an oral skills component and tests students’ reading, writing and comprehension skills in areas particularly relevant to their course of study and careers. Students who pass the exam also have the possibility of attending further German language courses at the Language Center. If students start with a higher level than A1, the duration of instruction is shortened accordingly.  For further important information, please consult the Language Center website.
    Important note for late-arrivals: If you arrive late in Aachen due to visa delay, please note that we only offer beginner’s courses in September. You can only start in October if you have achieved at least a level of A2.1 in the results of the Language Center’s placement test. We therefore highly recommend that you make arrangements to arrive in time to begin in September unless you are absolutely certain that you will have level A2.1. Information regarding enrolment procedures and placement tests for late-arrivals will be provided via e-mail
  • MME-PSE: German Intensive Course Level A1
    Students: Beginners without any knowledge of German
    Content: Acquisition of basic grammatical structures for oral and written communication. Basic vocabulary and idiomatic phrases are acquired through frequent practice of simple dialogues and role plays.This course should enable students to handle everyday situations in Germany.
    Duration: 60 contact hours
    Requirements: You have to sit a final exam. You will receive a grade based on regular active attendance, the results of two in-class tests and the final exam.
    Information for late-arrivals: If you arrive by 8 September 2015, you can still participate in the intensive phase. If you arrive later, you can start a German language course on the A1.1-Level in October on condition that you pay for the course yourself.
    Students who drop out of the courses before having finished the A1 level cannot be guaranteed a place in another course.  They will have to find another way to complete the A1 level (e.g. the regular fee-based German courses at the Language Center or at another language institute.)

Registration and Enrolment for Students of CAME and PSE

It is necessary to first register online and then enroll in Aachen in August 2015.     

  • Online Registration
    1. Please go to
    2. Click on the appropriate link, depending on whether you have previous knowledge of German or not.
    3. Fill out the registration form. Be sure to provide information in all obligatory fields and to indicate if you are an Erasmus Mundus student.
    4. You must register by 1 July, 2015. 
  • No previous knowledge
    Enrolment takes place on 26 August from 8.30 – 14.00 in seminar room SFo 12 (Kármán Auditorium). You will also receive more detailed information about courses and online account there. 


  • Previous knowledge (students with at least 100 hours of German instruction)
    Students with previous knwledge must first write a placement test. The test takes place on 25 August at 12:30 in Lecture Hall Fo 5. You will also receive more detailed information about courses and online account there.


Registration for MME Students



Please note that no certificates can be approved in September or October 2015. Appointments begin in November 2015 at the earliest.

  • CAME & PSE
    Students are eligible for an exemption from the DSM if they can show proof of equivalent German knowledge.
    The following certificates are recognised: 1) Goethe Institute – Zertifikat B1: Zertifikat Deutsch or higher issued by institutions accredited by the Goethe Institute, 2) TestDaF TDN 3 or higher.
    Your grades on these certificates will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. Please contact the Master program via e-mail and arrange an appointment.
    Students who choose this option may not attend courses in the Intensive Phase and thus need not come to the enrolment. You are welcome to attend other courses at your level in our standard German language program. Course overview
    Students are eligible for an exemption from the intensive phase if they can show proof of equivalent German knowledge.
    The following certificate is recognised: 1) A1 Certificate from the Goethe Institute.
    Students who choose this option have to make an appointment in order to have their certificate approved by the Language Center. Make an appointment for the approval of your certificate here:
    Exempted students may not attend courses in the Intensive Phase. You are welcome to attend other courses at your level in our standard German language program. In this case you would need to sit a placement test. Course overview
    Students who want to learn German beyond the A1 level are welcome to do so. However, they have to pay the fees for these courses themselves or apply for a scholarship from the International Academy.

Contact Language Center

Arts and Humanities Language Center
Eilfschornsteinstr. 15, 52056 Aachen, Germany
Tel.: +49/241/80-90170
Fax: +49/241/80-92342

External Language Institutes

There is also the possibility to attend German classes at external language institutes outside RWTH Aachen University (at self-cost). Please find some useful links below:

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