I have sent my application. When will I know if it has been received?

We will confirm the receipt of your application as soon as possible. Please understand that due to the great number of applications we receive these days it might take some time to send the confirmation via E-Mail.

I have applied for several programmes, but I have received a confirmation mail for only one programme.

In case you have applied for more than one programme, please notice that all applications will be processed individually by different authorities. Therefore, correspondence for each one of them will be sent out in different time slots.

I cannot download / print out my online application.

We would suggest that you create once more a new online application from another computer if possible. Please do not use any special characters or signs when naming your documents and also not in your user name.
If you are not able to print out a PDF file at the end of your online application, the reason most often is the use of special characters.
Please only use: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z
Especially avoid characters like: § $ % & ĉ û ę č í á ñ tec.
Please make sure that you indicated all required data correctly. Please upload all required PDF files. Please make sure that you uploaded the latest version of Adobe Reader. In case it should still not be possible to download your application, please try again. Usually it works when all notices are respected.

Can I apply for more than one programme?

You are welcome to apply for several of our programmes. Please create one online application for each master programme from your account. You may upload the same set of documents. Then, please print out all online application forms, sign them and send them to us. Applications for our programmes may be sent in the same envelope.

What documents need to be sent to RWTH Aachen University?

You only need to send the print-out of your online application form to us as you have uploaded all documents required for the evaluation of your application. Please send in only the signed online application sheets. Although the receipt of your application will be confirmed as soon as possible, it might take some days to receive us due to internal post ways.

Do I have to learn German to be accepted to your courses?

For our English-taught master programmes it is not mandatory to learn German before admission. A basic German course is part of the programme.
We recommend students to start learning German even though it is academically not requested: it will help students to settle down in a German environment.

For M.Sc. Textile Engineering: Application requirement: B1 by Goethe Institute or TestDaF 3

Does the application process differ for Chinese applicants?

Please understand that due to the interviews that have to be organized for Chinese students, applicants from China have to hand in their printed and signed online application until 1 January the latest. Chinese applicants have to send their hard copy application to our Liason Office at Beijing University. They will provide information on how to receive the Certificate of Authenticity (APS) which is required from all Chinese applicants. If necessary, they will also arrange interviews with Chinese applicants.

Is work experience mandatory in order to apply for RWTH Academy Master Programmes?

Practical professional experiences of as a rule not less than one year is required.
The applicants need to provide a proof of at least six months work experience at the time of application.

Is there a summer intake?

No, our Master Programmes in Mechanical Engineering only have one intake each year in October with an application deadline of 1 March of the same year.

Does the International Academy offer any scholarships?

Please find an overview about scholarship opportunities here: Scholarships

Can I still apply for the next intake, even when the deadline has already passed?

Please understand that we are not allowed to accept applications after the deadline of 1 March. For this reason, we need to receive the signed hard copy of your online-application as soon as possible. You may forward most documents not yet available until the enrolment day in late August.

Is it possible to have a part time job during my studies at the RWTH?

There are possibilities to work part time in some institutes, but there is no guarantee of work for students. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that our programmes are rather intensive and often demand a high quantity of time. Having a part time job can sometimes result in students not having enough time to fulfill their academic obligations. Still, a part time job in an institute might be helpful for you in order to find a mini thesis which is part of your curriculum. Please refer to the university's website for the notice board with job offers via RWTH Jobbörse.

When will I be informed about the decision of my admission?

Please understand that all applications are reviewed with the most thoroughness of care. As a result, the evaluation of the applications demands a timeframe of about two months. Therefore, letters of admission/rejection will be sent out in May approximately.

In case I do not have all the required documents before the deadline, is it possible to hand in some documents later?

Some documents can be submitted until enrolment at the latest:
Bachelor Degree Certificate,
Proof of Language Proficiency.

All other documents need to be submitted directly before 1 March.