Excursions & Company Visits

RWTH International Academy organizes several excursions per semester for the international student community. An excursion usually includes a factory visit, a talk to HR representatives and a company presentation as well as a city tour and some social events. Thus the exursions combine both, a learning experience and a social and fun experience in a very attractive way. Here we share some impressions from recent trips.

Ford Plant, Cologne

RWTH International Academy organised a trip to the Ford production site in Köln Niehl which is renowned for its vehicle production since more than 70 years. The students did benefit from the great opportunity to experience the manufacturing of Ford Fiesta and Ford Fusion. This way, they could enhance their theoretical knowledge, gained during studies, with practical know-how of car production. An additional trip to the famous Christmas market next to the Cathedral in Colognes` city center with hot wine and hot chocolate was the ideal conclusion of that day.

  • Last visits: every year, last February 2015
  • www.ford.de

Mercedes Benz & Porsche, Stuttgart

19 students of the 2014 batch headed to Stuttgart for an excursion to Porsche and Mercedes. After their arrival, they first visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum and continued straight on to visit also the Porsche Museum. At night, the group went to the city for some sightseeing and a get together in a German Brauhaus. The next day was spent with a guided tour in the Porsche plant. The team and students both agreed that the trip was an overall interesting and fun experience!

  • Last visits: every year, last May 2015
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Volkswagen Plant & Autostadt, Wolfsburg

Students had the opportunity to take part in a two day excursion to VW in Wolfsburg, including a stop for cultural sight seeing and social activities in Hannover. The production facilities of the VW factory in Wolfsburg gave the students interesting and exclusive insights in the manufacturing process of the VW GOLF. The tour began with the handling of raw steel, further to the pressing of car parts all the way through the assembly line up to the quality check of the whole car before delivery. The second part of the excursion was a guided tour through the exhibitions of the VW Autostadt. Students could not only see many attractions, like the car tower, the Lamborghini Show and an exhibition of the car history. They could also be active participants while creating an innovative car in the car design studio or learn about sustainability in the “Level Green” exhibition. Some highlights were of course the outstanding Bugatti car and the opportunity to take pictures with it!

Volkswagen Plant in Dresden

A group of 30 International Academy students went on to Dresden to take a look at the VW assembly plant and the city itself.
“Here, totally there are three types of Auto being manufactured, that is Touareg, CC and Phaeton, among which Phaeton is the main product. The significant thing is that there is no mass production for Phaeton and as many as 48 Phaeton are mounted pro day. I asked the instructor why Phaeton is so expensive. According to her answer, one of the reason was that most of the components in Phaeton are manufactured and assembled by human work, which costs plenty of effort. There is a big assembly box in front of each Phaeton, which contains all the components for the worker to assemble the car. The thing appealing me is that every Phaeton will be tested 30-40km before handling to customers, while only 5%-10% of daily production of BMW X1 in BMW Leipzig will have road test for dynamic characteristics. Perhaps that is another reason why Phaeton is worthy its price.”, says Hou Yu, a student from the 2011 batch that took part in the excursio

ThyssenKrupp Steel Plant, Duisburg

Students had the opportunity to explore the whole process of steel manufacture in one of the world’s biggest integrated metallurgical plant of ThyssenKrupp in Duisburg. The company at the Rhine supplies starting material to subsidiaries steel-using sectors, including automotive, shipbuilding, energy, construction, packaging and electrical appliance industries, all along the value chain, where it is processed to customer specifications. At the tour of the company facilities, students were impressed of the great expansion of the plant up to 10km² including an harbour. Here, one could not only observe the computer-controlled and fully automated production of steel, but also feel the heat of tons of melten hot metal passing by in converters. Continous casting technology and the hot strip manufacture are other parts of the production line that were explained to students.

BMW Plant, Leipzig

At the BMW Leipzig plant, where BMW M3 Saloon, BMW X1, BMW 1 series 3-door, BMW 1 series coupé and cabrio are created, the students got insights in these production processes. Prof. Schramm, the head of quality management of BMW Leipzig plant, gave an exclusive presentation to the students about the future of electronic vehicles and reserved some time for a discussion round. Afterwards the factory tour started and the students explored within 2,5 hours most of the parts of BMW Leipzig plant by walking a distance of 4 kilometres. Along the production site, everyone could gain insights in the four most important steps of car manufacturing: body shop, assembly line, paint shop and shell work.

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