Career Perspectives

RWTH Aachen University graduates are well prepared to enter the job market - either in industry or academia. Here we would like to share some information for graduates, preparing the further steps of their career.

The employment of engineers is due to skills shortage in Germany predicted to increase and the career prospects for graduates are excellent!

All our students enjoy a high-class education in mechanical engineering with an extensive assistance in extracurricular activities. During the studies in Aachen diverse exhibitions and excursions provide the opportunity to get in touch with executives from companies and to build an own career network. The RWTH Aachen University maintains close relations to Germany`s most important global companies of mechanical engineering, where it holds an excellent reputation for its successful research and its highly rated master’s degrees. In granting the RWTH master's degree, the programme gives the graduate a degree that is recognised world-wide and qualifies for further PhD studies.

In this environment our students acquire all skills to start an international career as engineer. Equipped with all business requirements and intercultural key qualifications many of them work in responsible positions and are mainly employed in a multinational environment. University graduates are now permitted 18 months (instead of the previous 12) to seek employment after the completion of their degrees in Germany.

Information about German salaries

The median starting salary received by mechanical engineers with a master’s degree should be round about 50.000,00 EUR per year with excellent prospects to increase during the career.

See also recent reports to find more details.

Recent graduates are employed in a multitude of different jobs, including research and development, design, manufacturing and production. Please refer to the reports of our recent graduates about their experience here at the RWTH Aachen University.

Information for RWTH Graduates

All graduates of RWTH can seek consultation at the RWTH Aachen Career Center and the center for doctoral studies.

In cooperation with (among others) the Bundesagantur für Arbeit, the RWTH Aachen Career Center and the Foreign Office of Aachen,  the TBK-Development offers an individual career coaching for international graduates.

The course takes about 8 weeks and includes seminars as well as an individual coaching once or twice a week. In order to participate, graduates have to register ("arbeitssuchend melden") at the Bundesagentur für Arbeit first. There is no tuition fee.

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Announcement of Jobs and PhD Positions

Please find below the latest job announcements. In case you would like to publish your job announcement here, please contact us.

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