Application Information

You can find the specific application requirements for the M.Sc. CAME below. Please also refer to the "Applicants" section above to familiarize yourself with the requirements and the process for a complete application.

Application Process - Overview

Please apply online and follow the steps of the RWTH online application portal

  • Link to online portal: (link is external)
  • Once you have finished the online process, please print the application form and send it in via post.
  • Application deadline is 1 March of each year. Please note: the documents have to reach us via post by this deadline!
  • Full information about all general requirements and the application process can be found here: Applicants

Specific Academic Requirements for M.Sc. CAME

  • Bachelor of Engineering or Science in Mechanical Engineering or a related discipline, such as Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Energy Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Structural Engineering, Industrial Engineering or Production Engineering, awarded by an internationally recognized university-level institution.
  • Practical professional experiences of as a rule not less than one year is required. This can be completed in whole or in part as practical training or in form of work experience in relevant areas for the master's degree course during or after the first recognised university degree.
  • Good performance in your undergraduate studies - equals to a minimum of 2,5 in the German grading system (1.0 best mark, 4.0 minimum pass mark)
  • New for Intake 2016: GRE from applicants for the winter semester 2016/17 (applicants from EU, EWG and Bildungsinländer are exempt!)

Fundamental knowledge in the following subjects:

  • mechanics
  • materials science
  • thermodynamics
  • machine design
  • informatics
  • mathematics
  • physics.

Furthermore knowledge in:

  • fluid mechanics
  • automatic control
  • finite elements
  • modelling
  • theory of vibrations
  • manufacturing engineering
  • CAD.

Professional Practical Work Experience

Professional work experience of as a rule no less than one year is expected (see also Applicants). The proof of work experience must include the following information:
  • Complete address and stamp of the company
  • Contact details and reference of supervisor
  • Date of joining and, if applicable, resignation date
  • Weekly hours
  • Job position
  • Short task description

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