Alumni Network

Welcome to the alumni community. Out of sight is never out of mind - let's keep in touch!

Social Media

With our social media forums you can easily stay in touch with the International Academy Alumni Community. Visit us on facebook or follow us on twitter to stay updated about the community and to share your news with us. The RWTH International Academy also provides the opportunity for former Master students to join an exclusive group on the professional network portal Linked-In. All Alumni are warmly invited to join the group.

Alumni Circle Events

These events, informative as well as social, are organized by the International Academy to offer you the opportunity to keep in touch with your fellow peers and to broaden your personal network – refer to our website for an overview of upcoming events.

Alumni Gallery

Become a part of our alumni gallery – learn about the career path of your fellows and share some insights of your student life experience. This can also support prospective students in their decision making process. Just contact us!

Alumni Yearbook

We also invite all students to be presented in our Alumni Yearbook. Here you can find the sample yearbook of the 2010 Alumni:

Changing Perspectives

During your time of studies you might have been searching for internships and student assistance positions. Now times have changed and you might be the person, who is in charge of recruitment and you are searching for qualified staff. Keep in touch with us – We will be glad to distribute vacant positions – in Germany and everywhere in the world – within our community!

Master Thesis Talk: Engineered for a Distinguished Graduation

Masterstudents and graduates of our master programmes will present their master projects and share their experiences about the whole process - from initial research to the final presentation. IntAc students can learn a lot about networking, administrative organization, the do's and dont's and how to successfully manage unexpected problems. In addition to that, our graduates will explain how they succeeded in finding their current job position and what contributed to that.

RWTH Aachen University Alumni Team

Additional to the International Academy alumni network, there are plenty of activities by the Alumni team of RWTH Aachen University:

You can also have a look at the RWTH Aachen University Alumni Blog!

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