Admitted Students

Congratulations to all prospective students who have been admitted to one of our master programmes! All international students have to carefully prepare their abroad stays in order to have a smooth and succesfull start with their study programme. Here we provide you an overview of important issues.

First steps after your admission - planning your stay while still in your home country
This section provides some information about the German visa process and on how to get to Aachen. It will give you an idea about the housing situation in Aachen and what you need to do to apply for a student residence or to find private accommodation. It also tells you when and where you need to register for your German language course.

First steps after your arrival - taking care of administrative issues at RWTH Aachen University and in the city of Aachen
This section contains the date of the enrolment days and the necessary preparations for them. It also tells you what awaits you during the orientation days, how to register for the German language course personally, and some general advices (e.g. opening a bank account, registering in the municipal immigration office, health insurances etc.).

German Course
While studying an English degree master's programme does not request German language skills, living in Germany with Germans definitely does. Therefore all international students must take part in a German language programme. This section provides you with information about registration processes and dates.

This section is very important, since it can be a challenge to find a room in Aachen at the semester start - together with thousands of other students. You get to know how to register for student residences, how to find private accommodation offers, the possibilites of short term accommodation, who provides support in accommodation matters, and some general advices on housing.

Introduction Days
Many events will take place for international students coming to Aachen. These events are organized by various institutions and are of academic, administrative and of course, of social character! This section will display the most important events with all details (places, times etc.)

Student Support Initiatives
This section provides some social support possibilities. RWTH International Academy for example organizes a senior mentoring programme that assigns senior students to freshmen for support and advice in different matters.

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