One of the services that the Master Office provides to new students is assistance in finding accommodation. Students in Aachen may either live in a student dormitory or share a flat with other class mates - a cheap and fun alternative to the dormitories.

Finding Accommodation

Aachen has about 250,000 inhabitants, 45,000 of them are students, and only 5,000 of them live in student residences. Most of the students live in private sector accommodation. In Germany it is not common that students are allocated a dormitory room along with the admission. Since the RWTH Aachen University is not a campus university in the typical sense, students may have to travel between different buildings variously located throughout the city, e.g. by bus or by bike. Due to the well infrastructure, students may not only look for apartments, located centrally in the city, but also in surrounding districts (e.g. Burtscheid, Kohlscheid, Haaren, Brand). We will be glad to assist you in finding a place as good as we can. Below you will find the recommendations for the first steps you should take.

Information provided by the RWTH Aachen University - Accommodation Services for International Students and Accommodation in Aachen

For your own safety please do not make any payments in advance before having visited the property, signed a lease contract and met the landlord. If the landlord wants to send the keys via mail or requests payments via money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram, TNT or Moneybookers, please do not respond - these are further hints of an attempt to defraud you.

Student Dormitories

Important information

A room in a student residence is the cheapest option, but the waiting lists for these rooms can be anywhere from a couple of months up to a year. As there are usually more applicants for a room in students’ residence than free places available, we suggest you to apply as soon as possible! The application has to be submitted via the Online Application Portal of "Studentenwerk Aachen" (see link below).
Please do also read carefully the detailed description on how to apply for a Student Dormitory (PDF below). An incomplete or incorrect application might be rejected.

Student residences by Studentenwerk Aachen:

Alternative student residence options:

  • The Catholic Student Community is also offering housing options. "At our 5 dorms Langer Turm, Eckertweg, Pontstr., Hermannstr. and Neupforte, there is room for 175 students. Some of the apartments are furnished, but you may also bring your own furniture if you prefer. Our dorms are not just about having a place to stay, but also about living with each other, making friends and experiencing community spirit"
  • The Protestant Student Community has two residences: Nizzaallee 20 and Templergraben 39

Short Term Accommodation

Sometimes it is hard to find accommodation in Germany when you are still in your home country. Luckily, there are several hostels and budget hotels in Aachen that could be another option in the initial weeks. Please make a reservation for your first nights in Aachen as soon as possible, as these places are extremly busy in the summer month.

Emergency Accommodation

There is a Night-Sleepover offered by KHG, the Catholic University Community, that you can apply for if you need a place to stay really urgent. Every student can apply to sleep in their big event room. There is a kitchen, toilet and shower also. You only have to bring a blanket and something you can sleep on. Next to the sleeping room there is a small cafe that will be open in the morning, where you can buy breakfast.

This sleepover will hopefully be offered again in the beginning of winter semester 2015.

Private Sector Accommodation

Important information

Many students live in private flats in Aachen. An apartment for a single person costs around 350 EUR - 450 EUR. Another popular option is a shared flat with other students, called "WG (Wohn-Gemeinschaft)", which might cost you around 180 EUR to 350 EUR. Usually every student has its own room in a WG, while kitchen and bathroom are shared.

For a first orientation about private accommodation, please read the

Online Portals for Accommodation Offers (private)

In some of these portals you might search for offers, but you might also publish a searching request for a shared flat or single apartment. Best is, to publish a nice picture and to write a few sentences about yourself - to give a good first impression to prospective flatmates.

  • Extraraum - Action group of the city of Aachen and the RWTH Aachen University for accommodation offers.
  • WG-Gesucht - Online portal for accommodation offers in English/German (shared flats and single apartments)
  • Studenten-WG - Online portal for accommodation offers in German (shared flats and single apartments)
  • CAMPUSLIFE - Black board for Aachen's student community (flats, furniture, lifts)

Services that offer help in finding rooms

  • INCAS (INtercultural Center of Aachen for Students) e.g. a platform for students to offer a place for newly arrived students in the first days
  • Asta (General Student Committee of RWTH Aachen), consultation hours for accommodation concerns
  • HomeCompany
  • RWTH Accommodation Exchange Portal for international students
  • Study in Germany - Finding a flat. Information provided by the DAAD, German Academic Exchange Service
  • Student Clubs - International students in a country abroad are usually supportive - so why don't you get in touch with some students from your home country already living in Aachen?

Living in the Neighbour Cities

In order to increase your chances of finding a room or an apartment, it is important that you are flexible about the location, and take the outer city regions of Aachen into consideration (Richterich, Haaren, Laurensberg, Brand, Eilendorf, Kornelimünster, Walheim) as well as neighboring cities Würselen, Herzogenrath, Kohlscheid, Alsdorf, Eschweiler, Stolberg, Vaals, or Kelmis. Please note that since you are not a citizen of the EU, that the conditions of your visa may not allow you to live outside of Germany.

Student Dormitories in Vaals, Netherlands: In the cosy city of Vaals closeby the German/Dutch border various houses and flats are offered especially for students of RWTH. Cou can easily reach the RWTH Campus Melaten from Vaals (ca. 3km) and the city centre of Aachen (ca. 6 km) by various buslines or by bike.

The city of Stolberg is only 20 minutes away and can be reached by train or various bus lines within 20 minutes. The city of Stolberg encourages students to live in shared apartments.

Student Housing in Maastricht, Netherlands (especially for students of "MME")

Students of the joint master programme "MME" can either live in Aachen for the entire stay of their studies and take busses to travel to their classes. They might also move to Maastricht for the duration of their courses at the partner university MsM. In this case please the information on housing provided by MsM

Advice on Housing and Living in Germany

Housing principals are different in every family and in every country. Here is some advice for international students, that might leave their family homes for the first time and have to take over household responsibilities.


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