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Examination Regulations

The examination regulations determine the scope of your studies and inform about all rules regarding exams, admission, master thesis etc. These rules are regularly updated. Please refer to the version as indicated for your year of intake.

Weekly Schedule WS 2015/2016

Production Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)/Compulsory Courses

Production Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)/Elective Courses

Master Thesis

Students have a duration of four month (students enrolled within the examination rules of 2006) or 22 weeks (students enrolled within the examination rules of 2013) in order to complete their master thesis. The registration has to be done with the form below. As a requirement, students have to complete the at least 45 CP (92 CP for intake of 2012, 2011 and older) in order to register the master thesis. For further details please see the examination rules.

Mini Thesis - only for PSE Students of 2012 and older batches

PSE students of 2012 and 2011 (and previous batches) have to complete a mini thesis of 9 weeks (9 CP).
PSE students of 2012 and 2011 (and previous batches): Please note that you have to finish your studies by the end of summer semester 2015 due to new examination regulations, published under the number 2013/055.

Internship - only for PSE Students of 2012 and older batches

Is there a guideline for an internship report?

No. In general, the instructions in the Internship Directives do apply. Also, there are no strict guidelines for the layout. Nonetheless, the font size should not exceed 12 points, lines should be maximum 1.5-spaced and the margin should be maximum 2.5 cm. Pictures and charts may certainly be inserted. Furthermore, it should contain a table of contents.

Accreditation of the Internship

How does the internship report have to look like?

Detailed information about this is included in the Internship Directives. In general, the following applies: no daily reports but a coherent text about the individual training sections. Also a short description of the company should not be missing as well as individual examples that were e.g. manufactured during the basic internship. The exact procedure of submitting the report at the Internship Office is described here. The report must at least be signed and stamped on the last page by the instructor of the internship company.

Curriculum Changes

Please refer to this website of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering for a detailled description how to change your curriculum.

The curriculum change process encompasses all the steps necessary so that you receive a different curriculum from the standard curriculum.
This particularly applies to:

  • Stays abroad, during which alternative courses are used.
  • Taking modules in an elective field outside of the elective catalogue in order to create an individual academic profile
  • Taking additional subjects (e.g. language courses) that will be listed on the transcript
  • Taking modules outside of the course of study in preparation for changing a course of study.


Additionally we would like to share some pdfs in this download section, that provide further information for PSE students.

Please see also the forms database of RWTH for additional download forms.


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