Academics and Organization

The below information particularly serves enrolled students in academic and organizational matters.

Examination Regulations

The Examination Regulations are the legal basis of your course of studies: they determine the scope of your studies and inform about all rules and regulations regarding admission, exams, course structure, master thesis etc. These rules are regularly updated. Please refer to the version as indicated for your year of intake.

Weekly Schedule

Winter Semester 2015/2016

Master Thesis

Students have a duration of four months in order to complete their Master Thesis. The registration for the Master Thesis has to be done with the Master Thesis registration sheet. As a requirement, students have to complete at least 92 CP before they can register their Master Thesis. For further details please see the examination regulations.

Mini Thesis

As part of their curriculum, CAME students have to complete a Mini Thesis of 260 hours workload (9 CP). Students use the Mini Thesis recording sheet to register for and keep track of their project progress.

Industrial Internship

The completion of a nine week industrial internship is an integral part of the M.Sc. CAME programme. To prepare for the industrial internship, please read the follwoing information material carefully:

Curriculum Changes

Please refer to this website of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering for a detailled description of how to change your curriculum.

The curriculum change process encompasses all the steps necessary to receive an amended curriculum from the standard M. Sc. CAME curriculum. This particularly applies to:

  • Taking modules in an elective field outside of the elective catalogue in order to create an individual academic profile.
  • Taking additional subjects (e.g. language courses) that will be listed on the transcript.
  • Taking modules outside of the course of study in preparation for changing a course of study.
  • Stays abroad, during which alternative courses are completed.


Additionally we would like to share some PDFs in the below download section, which provide further information for CAME students.

Please also see the forms database of RWTH Aachen University for additional download forms.


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